Pokemon DS Map Studio - Make Pokemon DS Maps in 5 min [1.18.1 Version]

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Pokemon DS Map Studio - Make Pokemon DS Maps in 5 min [1.18.1 Version]

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Pokemon DS Map Studio



Pokemon DS Map Studio is a tool for creating maps for Pokemon DS games. This tool must be used along with SDSME for importing the maps in the games. The tool contains some predesigned tilesets for each game but custom tiles can also be created.

Games available
  • Pokemon Diamond / Pearl (YES)
  • Pokemon Platinum (YES)
  • Pokemon Heart Gold / Soul Silver (YES)
  • Pokemon Black / White (PARTIALLY)
  • Pokemon Black 2 / White 2 (NOT TESTED)
What Pokemon DS Map Studio can do?
  • Create Pokemon DS maps [*.nsbmd]
  • Edit map collisions [*.per]
  • Edit map terrain files [*.bdhc]
  • Edit textures (experimental) [*.nsbtx]
  • Import 3D tiles as OBJ format
  • Edit 3D tiles and IMD materials
  • Export maps as OBJ, IMD and NSBMD
  • View maps in 3D and 2D
What Pokemon DS Map Studio CAN'T do?
  • Edit already existing maps from the original games
  • Import maps into the game (that is done with SDSME)
  • Modify game files
  • Edit Building models
  • Edit collisions for BW and BW2
How to run Pokemon DS Map Studio
You will need the following requirements:
  • Windows
  • Java 8 (higher versions can be problematic)
  • A graphics card compatible with OpenGL 2
For running the program:
  • Double click the exe file "PokemonDsMapStudio.exe"
  • If the previous method doesn't work, double click the jar file "PokemonDsMapStudio.jar".
  • If the previous method doesn't work, double click the bat file "PokemonDsMapStudio.bat".
  • If the previous method doesn't work, probably there is one requierement that is not fulfilled.
If you can't run the program after those steps, please, do the following for cheking the error:
  • Open Windows file explorer and go to the folder where "PokemonDsMapStudio.jar" is located.
  • Type "cmd" in the file explorer's path. That will open Windows command prompt.
  • In Windows command prompt type: "java -jar PokemonDsMapStudio.jar"
  • Then the error message will be displayed in the command prompt. You can share the error message with me for finding a solution.
DOWNLOAD Lastest Version:

Pokemon DS Map Studio 1.18.1 - Windows - Download Link: https://www.mediafire.com/file/ri3ie0sm ... 1.rar/file
Pokemon DS Map Studio 1.12 - Linux - Download Link: http://www.mediafire.com/file/kp4th8rez ... 2.zip/file
Credits to JackHack96 for making Linux version.

Pokemon DS Map Studio 1.18 - Windows - SOURCE CODE - Download link: http://www.mediafire.com/file/wguqje3k5 ... e.rar/file

  • Mikelan98: For his help, his investigations and for keeping alive the NDS comunity
  • Nomura: For his help and investigations
  • Spiky-Eared Pichu: For creating SDSME
  • Platinum Lucario: For starting NDS hacking and his tutorials
  • Driox, Jiboule, Nextworld, Jay, Brom, AdAstra, JackHack96: For their help with the tool and tilesets.
  • All the comunity from the Discords of PokeHacking and Kingdom of DS Hacking! for helping me, supporting the tool and overall effort on NDS hacking.

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